Turning parts and more

Modern machining equipments and manufacturing possibilities, as well as regular investments creat best conditions for our qualified staff.

On more than 20 machines we yearly machining in three shifts around 4.000 tons non-ferrous metals (brass, red brass, etc.) and aluminium. From this materials we manufacture custom-made precision turned parts from 12ø - 18ø mm.

The variety of the machine park ensures that each workpiece is machined on the right machine, which offers an ideal combination of quality, lead time and costs to our customers.

Complex? No problem.

Complex tasks that require high quality and reliable production create our focus. We are the right partner when it comes to more than pure standard.

This includes the assembly of components including connection technology like soldering, welding and pressing, as well as the overmoulding of turned parts with all kind of plastics. (company group)